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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dylan's joke

I know, I know. It's been a month. Lots of stuff to update. First things first.

Dylan told his first joke yesterday at school!

Quick background: For those who haven't read the blog, Dylan was born at 24 weeks, weighed 1 pound, 13 ounces, had undeveloped brain, lungs, kidneys, etc., spent 4 months in the hospital, did about 3 years of therapy with Easter Seals and now attends special pre-school for kids with disabilities.

So yesterday the teacher, Ms. Lynne, put four round stickers on Dylan and said he was like a CD-player and these were his buttons. On, off, play and eject.

"Let's sing," she said, and pushed the play button.

But Dylan wouldn't sing.

"This is the play button, Dylan," she said, pushing it again.

Dylan giggled, but refused to sing.

Ms. Lynne tried this several times, but all she got was some stifled giggles from Dylan.

"I'm pushing play. Why won't you play?"

Dylan laughed and said: "I need batteries!"

So yes, Dylan is doing very well.


The boys had exciting Thanksgivings. Josh went on a road trip to North Carolina with my parents. They were gone nine days -- four of which were spent in the car.

Josh got to visit his Aunt Kelly and cousin Elizabeth and soon-to-be Uncle Robby. He also met his Great Aunt Shirley and Uncle Tim and second-cousin Angela.

And although he was gone nine days, Josh didn't seem to miss us a bit. In fact, he returned quite spoiled.

Dylan, Andrea and I spent Thanksgiving evening at Jeanette and Patricks, where we dined with their six wonderful kids and Jeanette's mom. It's always nice spending time at their house -- and not just because of the trampoline room. They're just fun to visit with.


Christmas is on its way. Dad, Josh and I got the tree on Saturday, but Mom was working at the bookstore. So we waited until Sunday to decorate it. I suppose I should post a picture sometime.

My brother's family is flying in 10 days from now. It'll be nice -- we haven't seen Gabby yet and she's already 16 months old.
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